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    Sinocarb Vision
         Sinocarb will be a global leader in carbon fiber supply with a continuous development in order to be your reliable partner. 
    In order to achieve our vision, we have to: 
         1、Not pursue a one time hit and achievement but focus on long-term development and on stable increase without violation of our goal for the short-term profit.
         2、Forever provide our customers with qualified products and services, assist our customers to be competitive and make our customers touched with our efforts.  
         3、own excellent professionals in terms of both technology and management, provide them with a good environment, competitive benefit package, make them have confidence in our future, and improve the employee’s loyalty.
         4、maximize return of investment, provide ideal return to our share-holders, and build the foundation of trust from our investors.
         5、Develop through continuous innovation and contribute to society.
    Sinocarb Mission
         Continuous Innovation; simultaneous growth with customers; good and harmonious life creation.
    Insights of Our Mission
         1、We continuously renew our management philosophy and focus on operation innovation, management innovation and technology innovation.
         2、We utilize advanced technology to satisfy the needs and desire of our customers. We create values to all share holders and strengthen the foundation of the company through continuous innovation and development of related industries. 
         3、Study is the foundation of innovation, so we are trying to construct a study-type company. We promote all staff study and through-life study. We advocate and adopt effective measures to create a team study environment. We share information, experience, technology and knowledge.
         4、We serve our customers with the philosophy of brand name. We never betray our future with short-term profit. We treat our customers with courtesy. We do business with high moral integrity. We work hard to make our company respectable in the global market.
         5、Sales distributors and suppliers are parts of our value chain, so we stick to honesty principle to establish relationships with mutual interests. 
         6、Employees are our valuable assets. We devote ourselves to providing better benefit packages for our employees. We create a better study and growth, safe and healthy environment for our employees. Meanwhile, according to the employee’s ability and willingness, we provide growth and development opportunity in order to make employees realize their personal values by involving themselves in the growth of our company.                   
         7、We share business results together. Based on the performance, we provide equal and fair salary to our employees.      
         8、We maintain the share holders’s interest and help investors to make decisions which are beneficial to the long-term development of the company. We try our best to add value to the assets. 
         9、Our value towards society is not only visible in our products and services but also visible in the business ethics and charity. 
         10、We believe that the development of science and technology is not for damaging our environment but for the convenience of human lives. Therefore,  we do our best to contribute to society, to value the environment and to prosper with everything in the world.
    Sinocarb Core Value
         Open-minded & liberal, Honest & qualified.
         We advocate “ Open-minded & Liberal”, which means that every Sinocarb employee shall make himself an open-minded system in which we respect different opinions,in which employees share and communicate success and failure, in which employees improve themselves by equal cooperation, and in which we improve our performance to reach our goal.
         We advocate “ Honest & qualified”, which requires all Sinocarb employees to have healthy personalities, correct life attitude and good characters. We will show to the society that Sinocarb is honest and qualified.
    Sinocarb Slogan
         Commitment, Rapidity, Result, Perseverance.
         Sinocarb Slogan displays that Sinocarb’s goal is achieved through the implementation of our strategies. During the tactic implementation period, every employ shall memorize one faith—what we say is what we do, we pursue perfection whatever we do, we focus on result and we work hard to achieve a good result even though there might be a lot of difficulties and challenges in front of us. 
    Anshan Sinocarb Carbon Fibers Co., Ltd. ADD:NO.295 ANQIAN RD.ANSHAN,LIAONING,CHINA
    Zip code:114044Sale: 86-412-5211881 5211877 Service:86-412-5219983  
    TEL:86-412-5211889  FAX:86-412-5211100 E-mail:sinocarb@163.com
    Copyright 2008 All rights reserved
    Copyright© Anshan Sinocarb Carbon Fibers Co., Ltd.
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