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        Since the establishment of the company, R&D department has been given a special focus. Through internal selection and external recruitment, many excellent talents have been absorbed into our R&D team. Up to now, there have been 27 full-time R&D employees which are 35% of our total employees in our company.
        In order to strengthen the R&D team, our company sets up a special R&D management system including talent selection, project approval and project financial management which are all standardized. Meanwhile, our company has continuously improved the investment in R&D project from 9.5% turnover in 2005 to 14.6% turnover year to date.  
        Besides the strengthened R&D team, R&D management and R&D performance management system, our company also invested in the hardware. Pilot testing equipments of pitch-based carbon fibers were purchased from US with precision measuring devices. Up to now, there are 15 precision measuring devices in R&D and meanwhile our R&D center has been designated as “ National Carbon Fiber Engineering Technology Center ( Anshan) Pilot Test and Industrialization Base” with the joint efforts of Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The R&D department provides strong technology guarantee for the development of our company.
    Anshan Sinocarb Carbon Fibers Co., Ltd. ADD:NO.295 ANQIAN RD.ANSHAN,LIAONING,CHINA
    Zip code:114044Sale: 86-412-5211881 5211877 Service:86-412-5219983  
    TEL:86-412-5211889  FAX:86-412-5211100 E-mail:sinocarb@163.com
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