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        Anshan sinocarb carbon fibers co., ltd. Is a domestic high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of asphalten-based carbon fiber activated carbon fiber with a cost of 10 million us dollars. It has introduced a complete set of carbon fiber activated carbon fiber production lines and supporting testing facilities and experimental facilities from the United States.

        Sinocarb has advanced production technology, production equipments and research equipment as well as testing instruments purchased from the US. In addition, Sinocarb implemented Lean Production management tools and obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification.  Sinocarb is a certified high-tech company in Liaoning Province as well as an industrial base for national carbon fiber pilot testing and for carbon fiber product industrialization and commercialization.

    Anshan Sinocarb Carbon Fibers Co., Ltd. ADD:NO.295 ANQIAN RD.ANSHAN,LIAONING,CHINA
    Zip code:114044Sale: 86-412-5211881 5211877 Service:86-412-5219983  
    TEL:86-412-5211889  FAX:86-412-5211100 E-mail:sinocarb@163.com
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    Copyright© Anshan Sinocarb Carbon Fibers Co., Ltd.
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