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    Anshan sinocarb carbon fibers co., LTD. Is a professional company which is engaged in the asphalten-based carbon fiber used in the fields of abrasion resistance and electrical conductivity enhancement anti-wear materials and electrical conduction industries. Sinocarb is a high tech company in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and technology service of pitch-based carbon fibers and pitch-based carbon fiber further processing products such as air purification product, water filteration product, and solvent reclamation that belong to the products in either environmentally friendly industries or ……

    High Temperature Thermo Insulation Material
    Carbon fiber (far infrared) energy efficient heater
    Composite Carbon Fiber conductive Pellets
    Carbon fiber nonwoven mat
    Anshan Sinocarb Carbon Fibers Co., Ltd. ADD:NO.295 ANQIAN RD.ANSHAN,LIAONING,CHINA
    Zip code:114044Sale: 86-412-5211881 5211877 Service:86-412-5219983  
    TEL:86-412-5211889  FAX:86-412-5211100 E-mail:sinocarb@163.com
    Copyright 2008 All rights reserved
    Copyright© Anshan Sinocarb Carbon Fibers Co., Ltd.
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