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    Carbon fiber (far infrared) energy efficient heater

       Carbon fiber (far infrared) energy efficient heater,using high-tech carbon fiber filament material, with performance, stability and security, environmental protection and energy saving, economical and practical features, are green certified by the state.
       1. Comfort: it is electromagnetic interference and pollution-free, no dust, no noise,and bring you clean and peaceful feelings.
       2. Safety: The electric heater has passed national product quality supervision, inspection and testing.
       3. Economy: the electric conversion rate of filament carbon fiber heating element is above 98%, than the wire more than 35% energy saving. No routine maintenance costs.
       4. Quality Assurance: This product is reliable, has passed the ISO9001 certification.
       5. Efficiency: heat exchange efficiency, electric conversion process can produce far infrared, it is conducive to improving the heat exchange rate of the environment, but also far-infrared is beneficial to human health, make people feel the warmth of the sun.
       6. Wide range of uses: widely used in large residential areas, villas, offices, shopping malls, factories, warehouses, garages and other places.
    Rated voltage: 220V
    Rated Frequency: 50Hz
    Rated Power: 550W
    Thermal Surface temperature: above 70 ℃
    electric conversion efficiency: more than 98%
    far infrared radiation rate: more than 58% (8-10um)
    life: 15 years

    Anshan Sinocarb Carbon Fibers Co., Ltd. ADD:NO.295 ANQIAN RD.ANSHAN,LIAONING,CHINA
    Zip code:114044Sale: 86-412-5211881 5211877 Service:86-412-5219983  
    TEL:86-412-5211889  FAX:86-412-5211100 E-mail:sinocarb@163.com
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    Copyright© Anshan Sinocarb Carbon Fibers Co., Ltd.
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